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February 02 2018

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Phyllis takes a stand

Phyllis is not having any of your fucking shit, Target.

February 01 2018

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– Смотри: я сфинкс….

Can someone please translate this I feel like it’s important

“look: i’m a sphinx”


people defending pedophiles who consume child pornography like Mark Salling scare me.

i’m going to be certified to work with survivors of trafficking soon. i have learned things and heard stories that i will never, ever be able to forget.

things that remind me that redemption is not something everyone deserves, that there is a such thing as pure evil.

child pornography is not a victimless crime and i am staggered that that has to be said. the children in those videos are real people. they are defenseless and in pain and afraid. some have been kidnapped by strangers, but far more are being abused by people they know. their lives are dominated by suffering and their futures are often grim if they do not receive help.

the reason there is child porn at all is because a demand exists. pedophiles like Mark Salling want to view it and are willing to pay for it, thus they fuel its creation. they are aroused by the most defenseless among us being harmed and exploited, with no care for the physical and mental anguish it inflicts, the lives it ruins.

they cannot be redeemed. they are not making “mistakes,” they are consciously and happily causing harm. their deaths are not worth mourning and their lives are not worth remembering.

January 30 2018

January 26 2018

January 23 2018

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90s taco bell was more a e s t h e t i c than ur shitty tumblr will ever be



at the risk of sounding unbearably american the coke freestyle machine is one of the best inventions of this century

i was at a Wendys and one of these things didn’t have the vanilla option available and I said “I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling the floors of silent seas” to the stranger next to me

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idk why i burst out laughing


Zelda, watching Link use the master sword to cut grass:

January 18 2018

January 14 2018

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 “hi welcome to mcdonalds what can i get for you?”

“yeah can i get a deluxe quarter pounder with cheese?”

“absolutely, do you want the meal or just the sandwich?’

“uuuuuh hold on”

*fishes something out of my pocket*

“mikey what do i do?”

“get the fries. youll need the energy in the coming days”

*stuffs it back in my pocket*

“uhh yes please  the meal would be great”

serious question: can anyone else see this post? am I hallucinating?

January 13 2018

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Harry Styles showing his passion for Chipotle out here on Instagram.



Alignment triangle, but the three corners are had a horse phase, had a wolf phase, and had a dragon phase

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are y'all ok

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my brain after i 100% locked the door:

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